Grace in Small Things – 134/365 & 135/365 (04/13 & 04/14)

  1. Happy Birthday, Daddy. Love you always.
  2. After a week of cold weather, it’s finally back to nice and warm.
  3. Because it’s warmer, I could take down my white trash air conditioner cover.
  4. Spring is here, everything is nice and fresh and green.
  5. Crabapples in bloom.
  6. Dandelions on our lawn (my neighbors probably do not share my joy in them).
  7. Tulips, daffodils, forsythia, and magnolias, all looking pretty.
  8. Bunnies eating grass on the lawns.
  9. Commie (red) squirrels running around our back yard.
  10. Birdsong.

2 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 134/365 & 135/365 (04/13 & 04/14)

  1. 1. You’re posting again!

    2. The dust storm last weekend happened mostly during the night, so we didn’t have to go out in it.

    3. It was followed by snow, which made the mountains beautiful the next morning.

    4. After the snow, the weather warmed up considerably.

    5. I was able to go hiking on Saturday, in spite of a temperature in the high 80s.

    6. There were a lot of little irises blooming in Forest Park.

    7. We found a rock near the top of the ridge that cast enough shade for the four of us.

    8. When we got back, we found a shop that was still serving noodles at 4 in the afternoon.

    9. It’s warm enough to eat ice cream again.

    10. But still cool enough at night that I don’t have to have my window open, so it muffles the barking dogs, crowing roosters, car alarms, firecrackers, or whatever else might be going on in the courtyard.


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