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Internet Deprived

The universe obviously wants me to fail NaBloPoMo early – “online” light on the modem at home is remaining stubbornly dark despite multiple power-downs and threats of grievous bodily harm.

I am half-jokingly blaming Dad for it – he’s been digging out bushes by the busload in the back yard, and it is technically possible (though extremely unlikely) that he somehow managed to sever the cable. We’ll find out tomorrow evening, when the “professional” from Spectrum will arrive to lay hands on the modem and pronounce sentence.

On a weird unrelated note, someone I don’t know know “liked” my yesterday’s post. Wonder how they found it…


Yesterday, Revisited

Mom, last night, a few hours after my post (by which time she could see the humor in the situation):

“So, tonight Middle Spawnlet destroyed the bread starter, your father dropped the pot of soup [and spilled a fourth of it], and the cats chewed through my headphone wires. That’s it, I am going to bed!”

Amusingly, the cats ONLY chew the wires for parental electronics. Spawnlets leave their headsets and charging cables laying around like there is no tomorrow, and not a single chew mark on those. I have five charging cables and headphones by my bed, and nobody made an attempt to convert those into chew toys. Apparently, my cats are very discerning when it comes to wires. I guess they can tell that Apple products cost a lot more than Android ones 😉

The Worst Part

Almost 5 years after Bill told me he wants a divorce, the worst part (and the hardest to deal with) is how alone and abandoned I feel.

I hope that once he moves out next summer, I will be able to start to heal, but I am so afraid that I will be too broken by then. I keep telling myself that I managed to get through the last 4 years, that compared to that, nine months are easy, but it feels like the walls are closing in, and there is no light at the end of that particular tunnel.

Nine months, six of them with my parents. I can do it, right? Right?