Off the Wagon

Well, it did not take me long to fail…

Crappy day today. Bad parent-teacher conference for Youngest Spawnlet, and then I accidentally backed into the co-parent’s minivan while trying to park my Jetta, so now he’ll have a dent in his bumper to remember me by.

I feel like such a loser.


Internet Deprived

The universe obviously wants me to fail NaBloPoMo early – “online” light on the modem at home is remaining stubbornly dark despite multiple power-downs and threats of grievous bodily harm.

I am half-jokingly blaming Dad for it – he’s been digging out bushes by the busload in the back yard, and it is technically possible (though extremely unlikely) that he somehow managed to sever the cable. We’ll find out tomorrow evening, when the “professional” from Spectrum will arrive to lay hands on the modem and pronounce sentence.

On a weird unrelated note, someone I don’t know know “liked” my yesterday’s post. Wonder how they found it…

Yesterday, Revisited

Mom, last night, a few hours after my post (by which time she could see the humor in the situation):

“So, tonight Middle Spawnlet destroyed the bread starter, your father dropped the pot of soup [and spilled a fourth of it], and the cats chewed through my headphone wires. That’s it, I am going to bed!”

Amusingly, the cats ONLY chew the wires for parental electronics. Spawnlets leave their headsets and charging cables laying around like there is no tomorrow, and not a single chew mark on those. I have five charging cables and headphones by my bed, and nobody made an attempt to convert those into chew toys. Apparently, my cats are very discerning when it comes to wires. I guess they can tell that Apple products cost a lot more than Android ones 😉

On Living With Your Parents, The Not So Fun Parts…

Tonight, Mom put her bread starter in the oven. Why it had to be in the oven as opposed to on a shelf in the pantry, where it had spent the last couple days, I have no idea. She did not turn the oven on, as far as I know.

A few minutes later, Middle Spawnlet decided to bake some pizza. He turned the oven on to 400 degrees, and walked off to play Fortnite.

Ten minutes or so later, I walked in and smelled something odd. I asked Mom if she was baking something, at which point she freaked out and came downstairs. We opened the oven, and beheld an extremely melted food storage container with an extremely baked bread starter inside.

I told Middle Spawnlet that he should always check the oven before turning it on, and made him apologize to Mom. Apparently, that was NOT the reaction Mom wanted. What she wanted, I have no idea, and I am not about to ask. Instead, I am hiding in my room, because that’s what mature adults do when they live with their parents 🙂


NaBloPoMo, once more with feeling

Last time I attempted to do NaBloPoMo was five years ago. At the end of THAT November, Bill told me he wants a divorce. I wonder what shitty thing will happen THIS year. Regardless, I am going to try and do the blog-every-day thing, because writing is cathartic, but mostly because I am a glutton for punishment.

This afternoon Mom and I met with her oncologist to discuss the results of her CT scan. The radiologist thought there was a tiny spot on Mom’s liver that may be new, so there will be another CT scan three months from now. Thank God for ObamaCare, because those scans are NOT cheap.

Tonight Bill and I went to middle school parent-teacher conferences. No surprises there – my children are capable of doing A work, but choose not to.  Most of the teachers had good things to say about the boys, and I am especially thankful for the understanding they show of oldest spawnlet’s issues, and how they are willing to accommodate his quirks, and work to find ways to help him succeed.  This being said, would it kill him to try harder in PhyEd? 🙂

Middle spawnlet managed to get into trouble for chewing gum in class, after being repeatedly told not to, so he had to fill out a “reflect and refocus” form:

– What were you thinking at that time? “I thought she would not notice”.
– What have you thought about since? “Never do the same mistake”.

I burst out laughing when I read that one 🙂