State of the Weasel

Rebekah did NaBloPoMo. Shannon is doing Holidailies. Violet is a blogging machine. Me? Let’s just say there is a six-lane interstate to hell that I have been working on…

Bill is still unemployed. If he does not get a job by the end of January, we are going to pull the kids out of daycare, and he will be a stay-at-home dad for a couple years. He is really hoping to get a job šŸ™‚

Damien is giving us a preview of what life will be like when he becomes a teenager. Hint – it is not going to be fun. Lots of attitude and “I don’t want to!” and “No, thanks!” and general ignoring of parental authority. We need to get him therapy for his language disorder, but according to the therapist our insurance won’t cover it. They charge $350 an hour; we can get a 40% “uninsured” discount, but that’s still $210 a session. I need to get diagnosis and procedure codes and have another chat with BlueCross BlueShield.

Sergey has found and embraced his inner whiner and trots him out whenever things don’t go his way. Things don’t go his way often. Oh dear god, the whining. Somebody shoot me now. On the plus side, nothing wrong with his social and language skills – he is VERY good at talking and often tries to involve Damien and Xavier is his games. We are going to try and get Sergey into 4K in the fall, but since his birthday is two weeks after the cut-off date, we might not succeed.

Xavier is giving his brothers a run for their money. If there is a wrestling match going on, he is a willing participant. If there is coloring, he is there to chew the crayons and put them in their container. If books are being read, chances are he will try to sit on the page. If there is a parent around and Xavier wants attention, he makes his feelings known. If denied, he will either (a) cling to parental legs and cry piteously until picked up or (b) find the most strategically inconvenient location and howl until picked up. Smart kid.

Of course, there are good moments, too. Damien tries so hard, and is so independent. Sergey is funny and affectionate. Xavier is sweet and snuggly. Still, I never thought being a parent would be so hard. I am so burned out, and would love to just away from it all for a week, to recharge. Not gonna happen, but a girl can dream šŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “State of the Weasel

  1. Wish we could get you away. The kids won’t be like this forever (although your predictions on Damien as a teenager might be spot-on). I thought Beth would never stop whining, and she often plays on her own now. At least X can defend himself. I still have to yell at Alex for being mean to his sister (like the push backwards with his foot she got yesterday!) or stealing her toys. Since she doesn’t’ crawl far yet, she can’t exactly try to get it back. We’ll plan another girl’s night out in January, even if Sarah can’t make it.


  2. I’m a blogging machine because it’s my primary method of procrastination and avoidance. šŸ™‚

    There have been SO many kid-related issues at my house lately that I read this post and thought, “Oh, thank god I’m not the only one.” and then felt terrible AND good at the same time.

    If you decide to flee the country, please take me, ok?


  3. Violet, I am glad I am not the only one, too! Sometimes it feels like all other parents have everything figured out, and I am the only one who prays for bedtime to come quickly and for weekends to end.

    I answered some questions for our baby-sitter’s child development class (they had to interview real parents), and I guess the teacher freaked out at my answers. (Think this is going to be a separate blog post, once I get to it.)

    I guess if we can’t be shining examples, we are going to be horrible warnings šŸ™‚


  4. They are young and full of energy and I am old and full of bad attitude šŸ™‚

    Thank you for the encouragement, Rebekah! Hearing other parents say their kids tired them out makes me feel less alone and overwhelmed…


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