Random Photos #1

I love taking photos with my digital camera. Give me a botanical garden or a meadow with lots of flowers, and I am a happy girl. Ditto for interesting architecture, beautiful landscapes, or animals (especially the ones that sit still).

I got my first digital camera in the spring of 2001. Fast forward nine years, and I now have over 30GB of photos gathering virtual dust on my hard drive. Granted, the vast majority of those should just be deleted, but some turned out OK, so I decided to go through my collection and post some of the better ones.

Enjoy! (Or, alternatively, cringe in horror and henceforth skip all posts categorized under “random photos.”)

Date: Summer 2001.
Location: A village three hours away from St. Petersburg, Russia.
Camera: Sony Mavica.

Purple wildflowers
Purple wildflowers
Sweet William
Sweet William

Edited 4/12/09: Since WordPress automatically generates thumbnails, I decided to use the 300px wide option with a link to original photo.


3 thoughts on “Random Photos #1

  1. Thank you for your kind words, ladies!

    No particular talent here – more the case of infinite number of monkeys banging on infinite number of typewrites… When you take hundreds of photos, a few are bound to turn out nice 🙂


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