On Living With Your Parents, The Not So Fun Parts…

Tonight, Mom put her bread starter in the oven. Why it had to be in the oven as opposed to on a shelf in the pantry, where it had spent the last couple days, I have no idea. She did not turn the oven on, as far as I know.

A few minutes later, Middle Spawnlet decided to bake some pizza. He turned the oven on to 400 degrees, and walked off to play Fortnite.

Ten minutes or so later, I walked in and smelled something odd. I asked Mom if she was baking something, at which point she freaked out and came downstairs. We opened the oven, and beheld an extremely melted food storage container with an extremely baked bread starter inside.

I told Middle Spawnlet that he should always check the oven before turning it on, and made him apologize to Mom. Apparently, that was NOT the reaction Mom wanted. What she wanted, I have no idea, and I am not about to ask. Instead, I am hiding in my room, because that’s what mature adults do when they live with their parents 🙂



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