NaBloPoMo, once more with feeling

Last time I attempted to do NaBloPoMo was five years ago. At the end of THAT November, Bill told me he wants a divorce. I wonder what shitty thing will happen THIS year. Regardless, I am going to try and do the blog-every-day thing, because writing is cathartic, but mostly because I am a glutton for punishment.

This afternoon Mom and I met with her oncologist to discuss the results of her CT scan. The radiologist thought there was a tiny spot on Mom’s liver that may be new, so there will be another CT scan three months from now. Thank God for ObamaCare, because those scans are NOT cheap.

Tonight Bill and I went to middle school parent-teacher conferences. No surprises there – my children are capable of doing A work, but choose not to.  Most of the teachers had good things to say about the boys, and I am especially thankful for the understanding they show of oldest spawnlet’s issues, and how they are willing to accommodate his quirks, and work to find ways to help him succeed.  This being said, would it kill him to try harder in PhyEd? 🙂

Middle spawnlet managed to get into trouble for chewing gum in class, after being repeatedly told not to, so he had to fill out a “reflect and refocus” form:

– What were you thinking at that time? “I thought she would not notice”.
– What have you thought about since? “Never do the same mistake”.

I burst out laughing when I read that one 🙂


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