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Odds and Ends

Another day, another “it’s two minutes before midnight, I must post SOMETHING” post….

  • “Saga” (written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples) is an awesome, awesome comic for adults. I got Volume 2 from the library today, and read it while Uncle Mel entertained the kidlets. Definitely buying them if Santa brings me Amazon gift certificates for Christmas or Bill gets a bonus 🙂
  • My father needs to rethink his email subject line strategy. For years now, he has been using “Parents” for virtually all of them. Then a few days ago I got one titled “Farewell.” It had a picture of my Mom’s car, which they sold that day. Thanks for the heart attack, Dad!
  • I have six trays of suspicious-quality apples drying right now. Should I die of food poisoning tomorrow, you know what to blame.
  • I have finally updated my “2013 Book Log” and “Mount TBR.” I need to win the lottery so I can stay at home and read books.
  • YoungestOne got into trouble for making a finger gun and shooting a girl in the head. I told him to leave his finger-gun-shooting activities to the privacy of his home 🙂 It is so sad, though, that innocent games like that now merit a call from the principal…

Feel the love…

After feeling like crap all weekend, and taking a sick day today, I finally took a shower this evening. MiddleOne and YoungestOne were on my bed, solving puzzles on Jigidi.

As I dragged my carcass out and started drying myself, two pairs of inquisitive male eyes gave me an evaluating look.

Me: “Yeah, Mommy is fat.”
MiddleOne: “Mommy is fat! Mommy needs to work out!”
YoungestOne: “Mommy has BIG boobies!”
Me: “Nothing wrong with big boobies, it’s my fat gut I don’t like.”

At which point my two skinny sons lifted their shirts and demonstrated their flat stomachs for me. Rub it in, spawnlets, rub it in…

The Russians Are Coming

My parents are coming to visit. They are flying in on December 11, and leaving on February 1. I am nervous and excited.

This is the first time they are coming here since my grandma died, five years ago. The house has NOT improved in their absence. My parenting skills and recreational preferences have NOT changed for the better. And I have to remember to move the anti-depressants to our bedroom.

I am excited because I love my parents, and miss them, and wish we lived closer. They love my kids, and the kids love them.

I am nervous because in person I annoy the hell out of them. We get along great on Skype, but virtually every time they have visited have been a disaster, starting with my wedding (oh dear god, what a clusterfuck that was) and going on from there. I say and do all the wrong things; if an action or a word or facial expression can get misinterpreted, it does; the disapproval and disappointment in my parents’ eyes makes me feel like a total loser.

I thought I was doing good at not disappointing them this summer. Then I asked my Dad if they plan to come and live with us in America. His reply was, basically, “Dear God, NO! We’d fight all the time! Now we are holding our tongues and not saying anything, but if we were living together, we’d point out all the things you do that we don’t approve of…” It’s a good thing we were in the village, because I could walk out into a field and cry, and nobody saw me.

I am glad they are coming, but I am not “expecting the best and preparing for the worst”. I am expecting the worst and preparing myself for arguments and disapproval and disappointment. And who knows, maybe this will be the visit that actual goes well. Stranger things have happened (see: good parent-teacher conferences a few weeks ago).