The Spit Master

I have come to the conclusion that YoungestOne must be a camel. There is no other explanation for the amount of spitting on people that he does. I have threatened to donate him to the Zoo, because seriously, two phone calls from the principal’s office in two days is a bit much, even for me, who has been forewarned by having two boys go through 5K before.

At least OldestOne’s and MiddleOne’s 5K adventures have prepared me for what to expect. OldestOne liked to spit, too, but at least he only spat on the floor. He did shove people, though. MiddleOne made it his mission to be a class clown or die trying, so the notes he generated were more along the lines of “is no longer allowed to go to the bathroom with other people”. Good times, good times.

The door to the basement has been dubbed “the wall of shame”, because that’s where we tape all the orange (talk with teacher) and red (talk with principal) notes YoungestOne hauls in. So far in November, we are up to 10 – 8 orange, 2 red. November 11th brought a bumper crop – 3 oranges and 1 red. If he keeps it up, we are going to run out of door 🙂

There are no “walls of shame” for OldestOne and MiddleOne anymore, though, so I have living proof that YoungestOne will get a clue eventually. Until then, I will continue answering “What do you think we can do to stop him?” questions with “We can duct-tape his mouth shut”…


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