All You Really Need To Know About Me…

From a conversation with my cousin this morning:

HER: Is your Christmas tree up yet?
ME: Nope.
HER: Christmas is in like two weeks!
ME: On the 25th. Today is the 4th. So, three weeks.
HER: Well, when do you usually put you tree up?
ME: One year, it was on January 1st.
HER: …That’s pretty much all I needed to know. Please say no more…


4 thoughts on “All You Really Need To Know About Me…

  1. LOL. The sad part is that it’s true! I remember that year. I just don’t remember which year it was exactly and why it happened.

    And for the record, our tree is not up either. Only going up next weekend because we don’t have J the weekend after that or I’d wait until then. Too much work to keep kids from taking off ornaments!


  2. Mine is going up next Tuesday. I finish school Monday, Geoff is off Tuesday, and this year it’s non-glass ornaments, thanks to the addition of one curious, but adorable, cat.


  3. Isn’t the Eastern Orthodox Christmas later anyway? So you could always claim you were going by the Russian date, not the US one…


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