Define Church-Appropriate Attire, Please

MiddleOne’s kindergarten class sang in church this morning, so the rest of us, plus my mother-in-law, descended upon the (Gym) House of God. I dragged myself out of bed at the last minute, so did not see what my children wore until we half-way to MiddleOne’s school.

MiddleOne, who was specifically told to dress nicely since he was singing, wore gray sweatpants, shapeless blue turtleneck, orange-and-green Halloween socks, and sandals.

YoungestOne (who was dressed by his father, thus making BelovedSpouse responsible for our familial sartorial outrage) also wore sweatpants, green camouflage long-sleeved shirt, and a blue t-shirt over it.

OldestOne was the best dressed, in blue track pants and a long-sleeved dinosaur shirt. Also pared with sandals and Halloween socks.

Needless to say, we stood out a bit. Thank God for one guy who showed up in shorts, because his wife and I were the only two women in the congregation wearing jeans.

It’s a good thing that God does not care what clothes people wear to worship Him, because otherwise I am pretty sure it was only my jacket and high-heeled boots that saved us from being smited on sight 🙂

7 thoughts on “Define Church-Appropriate Attire, Please

  1. It would have been OK if it wasn’t for the sweat pants 🙂 I remember how hurt I was when my host mother made disparaging comments about the clothes I wore to church, so I don’t want to do this to my kids. Still, I am going to draw the line at sweatpants 🙂


  2. I personally don’t have a problem with jeans in church. But I too draw the line at sweatpants. I don’t even like Alex wearing sweatpants to school, although he does because that’s over half his wardrobe. Sweatpants are for lounging and working out, not for going about your day-to-day business.


    1. But, let’s face it, not with sweatpants. And I think some of the kids told MiddleOne that he was not dressed appropriately, because he’s been asking me to buy him church clothes, complete with shiny black shoes. I feel like such a failure.


  3. Oh yeah, if he’s asking, they’re saying something. I have a button up shirt in size 4T in Alex’s closet if you need to borrow something for him next time. Can’t help with the shoes, though. 😦


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