Attack of the Dreaded DNF Pile, Redux

I have read many good books in July, but before I get to reviewing them, let’s see what ended up on the DNF pile that month:

  • “Angels Fall” by Nora Roberts. I just wasn’t in the right mood for it.
  • “Gone” by Michael Grant. Could not get into it.
  • “Darkship Thieves” by Sarah A. Hoyt. Was really looking forward to reading it, and then absolutely could not relate to the heroine.
  • “The Veil of Gold” by Kim Wilkins. Ended up skimming it. Had some issues with the Russian and the writing style.
  • “Heir To The Shadows” by Anne Bishop. I kept trying to read it, and then something would come up, and eventually I ran out of renewals at the library. Will definitely try again, since I greatly enjoyed “Daughter of the Blood.”

I have around 130 books on my “Want to Read” list at my friend’s library, another 80 at my library, 20 that have not yet been released, and 50 that are not in either library. These days, if a book does not interest me in the first 50-100 pages, it gets DNF’ed. Sad but true – so many books, so little time…


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