GiST – 19/365 & 20/365

  1. Snuggling up with the kids in the morning. They are adorable when half-awake 🙂
  2. Husband who is willing to bring me painkillers in bed.
  3. Another beautiful warm sunny day.
  4. Melting snow. The sound of running water makes it feel like spring is here.
  5. Christmas wreaths have been removed from the garage and the front porch. Back to boring regular lights.
  6. Replaced a burned-out light in the great room. Could barely reach the light fixture from the top step of the ladder 🙂 YoungestOne was greatly entertained by Mommy’s m4d light-bulb-changing ski11z.
  7. Kitchen floor is washed! By the end of tomorrow, nobody will be able to tell the difference 😛
  8. Kids cleaned up the great room (under threat of No More Candy, but still).
  9. Downstairs bathroom is clean. It should return to disgustingly dirty as soon as the kids are done washing their hands after breakfast tomorrow.
  10. Both of our blankets are washed and dried. They smell nice and clean now 😛

3 thoughts on “GiST – 19/365 & 20/365

  1. 1. Beth wanting to snuggle this morning

    2. Alex getting excited over tonight’s playdate

    3. Looks like the weather won’t postpone the playdate again

    4. Nice Valentine’s dinner with hubby after kids went to bed

    5. Picked a week for our Ohio trip

    6. Good chocolate

    7. Things have quieted down after a rough morning at work

    8. Yoga today

    9. Got most of Alex’s homework done last night

    10. Books!


  2. 1. I’ve had relatively little correspondence this week, which means I’ve been able to be very productive at work

    2. The weather has been nice and warm.

    3. I like melting snow.

    4. We get to order food for our team meetings at work.

    5. I go to and from work by daylight now.

    6. I can go to bed early tonight.

    7. I’ve learned how to make fried rice, because it’s a really quick meal.

    8. The azalea I acquired at Chinese New Year is still blooming.

    9. My Chinese friend whose parents made her get married seems to be coping with the situation as well as could be expected.

    10. Hot chocolate.


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