GiST – 15/365

  1. Lynne is coming to visit at the end of January!
  2. I survived shoveling two driveways (mother-in-law conveniently gone for the weekend).
  3. Kids had fun at Alex’ and Beth’s birthday party.
  4. Packers won!
  5. Ferrets and pie 😛

4 thoughts on “GiST – 15/365

  1. 1. Birthday party was a success.

    2. Kids seem to like all of their presents.

    3. Packers won!

    4. Beth’s pictures at JCPenney’s went much better than expected.

    5. We took the gate down at the bottom of the stairs.


  2. What’s with the ferrets?

    I don’t think I’ve seen Lynne since before Damien was born!

    1. Grocery shopping on a Sunday wasn’t as crazy as it could have been.

    2. I tried doing two French braids on myself, and the braids themselves actually turned out okay (still need to work on the part, though).

    3. For the first time in my life, I have a job that doesn’t require working on weekends.

    4. I still remember enough Chinese to email a friend (with some help from the dictionary).

    5. I don’t have Chinese parents who try to force me to get married whether I want to or not (This has happened to several of my friends, and is now happening to another, and it’s heart-breaking!)


  3. Karen, trust me, you don’t want to know about ferrets and pie 😉 My mind and a whole bunch of other minds (from the guild I am in one of Facebook’s games) took a swim in the gutter….

    I am sure Lynne would love to see you again when she gets here.

    And I am really sorry about your friend who is being forced to get married. How terrible.


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