GiST – 13/365

  1. Got two time-sensitive projects out of the door at work. Another hundred or so to go 😦
  2. Saw Shannon’s parents again
  3. Kids weren’t acting too bad at Shannon’s
  4. Windshield wiper fluid
  5. Bill still has a job, hopefully for at least a few months

5 thoughts on “GiST – 13/365

  1. Today was not a good day; we’ll see what I can come up with…

    1. I did not pull out noticeable amounts of hair.

    2. It gets nice and quiet at 4:30 when no one has to answer the phones anymore.

    3. My manager does not hold me accountable for other people being difficult.

    4. When I found an applicant’s documents that had been sitting in someone else’s drawer for over a month, one of the evaluators was willing to process it right away so I could mail the report to him today.

    5. Photos arrived from Snapfish.


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