GiST – 8/365

  1. OldestOne had fun at Brycen’s birthday party
  2. My new library books are a four-week check-out
  3. Laundry is done
  4. I have until January 23rd before the village starts collecting Christmas trees, so my undecorated tree gets to stay another two weeks
  5. Mel came over to play with the kids

2 thoughts on “GiST – 8/365

  1. 1. I know that Eric will not wake me up in the middle of the night or keep me up snoring tonight (because he’ll be at a sleep study)

    2. Alex played on the dining room computer all day, so Jenna could have her computer to herself. It was blissfully quiet yesterday on that front.

    3. Alex’s 5 year pictures went awesome!

    4. The stickers I ordered arrived in only 3 days. Projection was 11 days!

    5. Lasagna was good last night even though we didn’t have any Parmesan cheese.


  2. 1. I finally figured out how I want to put together the “12 Days of Christmas” banner that I’ve been contemplating since high school.

    2. I found out I can use frequent flyer miles to go visit my parents in Mexico (if I have enough vacation days while they’re still there…)

    3. My sixth-month anniversary is this week, so I’m going to start earning vacation days!

    4. I got another couple hundred China photos put in an album (only who knows how many to go!)

    5. I got “Beauty & the Beast” on DVD for Christmas.


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