GiST – 1/365

(giving Grace in Small Things another try, really hoping to stick with it this time around)

  1. It’s a new year, a clean new slate. Hello, possibilities!
  2. Ushering in the New Year in Russia with my parents, via Skype
  3. Bill and kids like my oatmeal cookies even though they turned out too flat
  4. Newly re-organized bookshelves
  5. Mel keeps coming over to play with my kids, every Saturday and Tuesday

4 thoughts on “GiST – 1/365

  1. Shall I join you again? 🙂

    1. There’s hardly any traffic going to the airport at 6 am on Jan. 1.

    2. Kristine made it back to California on the same day that she was supposed to (unlike her arrival here…)

    3. I finally succeeded in getting Windows Media Player 11 to download (no idea why it wouldn’t before)

    4. I got to talk to a friend I hadn’t talked to in months.

    5. I’m getting pretty good at making quesadillas out of whatever I happen to have on hand.


  2. OK, I’m in too…

    1. Got everything installed on my new computer

    2. Played a very nice game of Rivers, Rails, Roads with Alex yesterday

    3. Found out the toaster oven will indeed fit where I want to put it.

    4. New computer is super-fast!

    5. So far, no one but Eric has gotten this round of the flu…


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