Honesty, Not The Best Policy

Today a subject of my church affiliation came up in conversation with a member of a different department. (We were talking about daycare, and how expensive it is. She asked if the church we go to have a school attached to it. I admitted that we currently don’t go to church, and that I feel it is wrong to join a church just to take advantage of the (virtually) free daycare.) The guys in my department all know about my currently unchurched state, but it is not something that is widely known outside of my circle of work friends. For those of you who know where I work, I am sure you can understand why.

I will not lie about my church attendance (or lack thereof) if asked about it. Still, I wonder if my honesty will come back to bite me in the butt, as just about everything else I do does.

And on this appropriately gloomy note, NaBloPoMo is over.


2 thoughts on “Honesty, Not The Best Policy

  1. I agree that free daycare is not the best motive for joining a church! (Though it could be a factor if one is choosing among several options)


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