The Green-Eyed Monster

[this post has been back-dated]

I have been so jealous of other people lately. I know I should be focusing on all the good things I have, but instead all I can see is what I lack.

  • I am jealous that my cousin’s daughter is bilingual (even though I have not put an effort to teach my kids Russian)
  • I am jealous that my friends’ kids can read, and mine cannot (even though I haven’t made an effort to teach them)
  • I am jealous that other people have fulfilling jobs (even though I have not looked for a new job, or tried to improve the one I have)
  • I am jealous that other people are on top of things (even though I opt to waste my time on web surfing and reading books)

I don’t think I like myself very much.


8 thoughts on “The Green-Eyed Monster

  1. Well, now you know what you need to work on! I’d pick the one that will make you the happiest and start there.

    And truly, I’m not putting any effort into teaching Alex to read, he’s getting it from school.

    And maybe people aren’t always on top of things, they just hide it well. Yes, I hide it well and screw something up at least once a month, be it forgetting to send in the order form for Alex’s Santa’s workshop (that I just found today and thought I had taken care of already. Hoping the end date was this upcoming week and not last week, and if it was last week, they’ll still take it) or the multiple times that I knew I had to go grocery shopping over the weekend and still didn’t get around to making the list.


  2. I agree with Shannon; I don’t think most people are as on top of things as they may appear to be. As for learning to read, I know kids vary widely in that area, so I don’t think it in any way reflects on the intelligence of your children.
    And remember, there may be people out there who are jealous of you for one reason or another. That being said, however, getting rid of jealousy is much easier said than done…


  3. Shannon, you forgot that I don’t have to wear business casual, either! Hope my (relatively low) salary makes the jealousy somewhat less 🙂

    karen, how many people you know who are 4 months behind on their mail? I need to find someone so I can feel better about myself 😉


  4. А я завидую людям, которые успевают много читать! И восхищаюсь людьми, которые успевают много читать, несмотря на трех бодрых мальчиков. Когда у меня был один Ваня и работа, я читала одну книжку месяца три. Пару страниц перед сном – и я готова.
    Сейчас читаю немного больше, пока Федя маленький, но боюсь, что это ненадолго.


  5. Спасибо, Маша!

    Зато у меня дети растут как Маугли, и на дом посмотреть страшно. Но книг я читаю много, это правда 😉


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