Communication. That Thing We Don’t Do.

So… Office A receives notifications about something for Office B. Office C was supposed to add Office B to the list that gets notifications, but didn’t. Fast forward a few weeks. Office C receives a distraught email from Office B. Office C is contrite and fixes the problem.

BUT, while all this was going on – why haven’t Office A called Office B and said, “Hey, we keep seeing your stuff come through, and it keeps sitting there – are you getting it?” And why haven’t Office B said, “Hey, how come we have not received any notifications for weeks now?”

It’s like Office C dropped the ball, and Offices A and B are standing around watching the ball and waiting for it to explode instead of, you know, actually picking up the ball and throwing it back to Office C. *sigh*


2 thoughts on “Communication. That Thing We Don’t Do.

  1. I agree with Karen. Office A was ignoring the ball hoping it would go away. Office B probably didn’t know the ball existed.

    I know from experience that lack of notification does not always trigger you to remember that something is supposed to be coming. Hence my missed TDS bill one month because they didn’t send me the email. I have too many things to keep track of to remember things that don’t slap me in the face.


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