Book Fairy and Page 99 Test

Great article by Joe Walton on – The Suck Fairy, who “comes in when you come back to a book that you liked when you read it before, and on re-reading—well, it sucks.” The Suck Fairy has visited some movies I used to love, too (Navy SEALs, anyone?)

And the page99test (from via Robin McKinley’s blog post) – reading page 99 to see if you’ll like the book. Must remember to apply it to my TBR pile and to the books I have read already, should be interesting to see if it works for me.


2 thoughts on “Book Fairy and Page 99 Test

  1. Interesting theory; I’ll have to try it. Sometimes the first few pages have turned me off from books that I loved once I finally made it past them (The Blue Sword, for example. Took me a long time to get past her musings on orange juice!) Rarely has it worked the other way, though; I can’t think of any book I was sucked into by the first few pages and turned out not to like once I was farther in.


  2. Some of the YA and Chick Lit stuff I have read was good in the beginning, but then petered out. Of course, I can’t remember any specific titles 😉


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