It’s hard to get things done when you get home after 10 pm two days in a row

Yesterday I had a late dinner with Shannon, and today I went to her house; great time was had on both occasions, but I did get home on the late side.

I did manage to finish sorting kids’ toys (at least the ones I was able to find – our basement is a scary place, filled with a multitude of mysterious boxes). For some reason, I have absolutely no emotional reaction to the “older” toys – it’s only the infant ones (mr. star, an octopus, the bug, the mirror, mr. banana who disappeared one day (I blame OldestOne) and is still missed) that make me tear up. Maybe because we have relatively few infant toys, and LOTS of other toys. Maybe because the rest weren’t Baby’s First Toys. Maybe because I really enjoyed my kids during the first year of their lives, before my shortcomings as a parent became evident to the kids. And probably because it’s the hormonal time of the month, too.

Public service announcement: it is not a good idea to sort things with sentimental value while having your period. Stick to brain-numbing things like sorting bills and ironing curtains instead.


One thought on “It’s hard to get things done when you get home after 10 pm two days in a row

  1. Thanks for the public service announcement! Will keep that in mind.

    For the same reasons as you, I’ve accomplished nothing in the past two days. I even forgot to order the I-Pass last night after you left. Didn’t help tat Eric walked in the door about 5 minutes after you walked out.

    Well, I suppose you could count being in the pool with the kids for an hour last night as an accomplishment.


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