Where does time go?

Can’t believe it’s been two weeks since the boys left to Russia. Feels like I should have had gotten a lot more done by now 😦


  1. Planted the daylilies I picked up yesterday and today. Got some bonus decorative grass, too!
  2. Loaded the brush into the trailer. Neighbor Ron is going to help me move it into the side parking spot tomorrow morning.
  3. Got gas for the lawn mower.
  4. Did some grocery shopping.
  5. Paid a couple medical bills.
  6. Wrote a book review for “The Poisoner’s Handbook.” Took me over an hour, and still turned out kinda lame.

Time to go to bed. Need to get a lot done tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Where does time go?

  1. Compare you list to mine and you’ll realize just how much you’re getting done!

    My list:
    1. Discovered out broken fence. Eric suspects someone was either drunk ad fell over it or was running and tried to cut through our yard and didn’t see it. Either way, we now need new fencing. Like I have time for that!

    2. Played with the kids while keeping them away from aforementioned fence

    3. Fed the kids (and myself)

    4. Reprinted invites to our BBQ and put them in the mailbox to go out on Saturday

    5. Finally did the dishes for the first time since Monday.


  2. True. But you did manage to get some cleaning done, including the kitchen floor (multiple times a week).

    And sometimes you just have to stop and do nothing. (And yes, I know just how hard that can be).


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