Trailer Trash

Not what you think (though I suspect the neighbors sometimes wonder about us šŸ™‚

Our friend Andrew dropped off his trailer this afternoon, so now we can get rid of all the brush that’s been sitting around. Yay. Also, my iPod cover arrived, so it’s been encased. And I got to go have dinner and a walk with Shannon, which is always a good thing (even if today I almost got into an accident trying to make a “blind” left turn; well, at least we learned that my breaks did indeed work when I slam on them). Other than that, an “off” day today – woke up groggy and out of it, and pretty much stayed that way.

Despite that, a few things did get done:

  1. Picked up some free daylilies on Milwaukee’s north side.
  2. Went to Target and got some supplies I needed (WD-40 for the squeaky car door, OxyClean spray, scrub sponges, Centrum vitamins, calcium supplements, disposable gloves, Finish dishwasher gel packs, body wash, bath sponge) and a couple things for the kids from the dollar isles (“How to Catch Your Dragon” coloring books and alphabet stickers). It’s amazing how things add up.

Need to go to bed early today, have to plant daylilies tomorrow morning before going to work!


One thought on “Trailer Trash

  1. Glad I was finally feeling better and could go to dinner. Eric apparently had a rough night with the kids. Beth went down badly and Alex was just going to bed when I got home.

    List of Accomplishments:
    Oops, there are none for yesterday. I suppose you can count the 40 minutes I spent in the backyard playing with the kids. After that it was feed the kids and Eric their dinner and then go to dinner myself. Didn’t do anything when I got back home.


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