An ineffectual day

Today turned out to be “one of those days” – no matter what I tried to do, it did not get done. Projects at work – could not finish for one reason or another; projects at home – took forever and still did not get done. I am going to cut my losses and go to bed.

The few things that DID get done:

  1. Water utility man did whatever it was that he had to do with the water meter. I felt so bad for him – the previous owner of our house enclosed the water meter in a small closet-like area, and the poor guy had broad shoulders and had the hardest time reaching in to do things. It took him 40 minutes instead of 20 to get everything accomplished.
  2. Dropped off the Jetta for timing belt change, water pump replacement, and tire rotation. (As usual, forgot to ask them to spray something on the passenger door to stop the squeaking noise.) Total damage to the wallet – $750. I am spending Bill’s first couple paychecks before he had a chance to earn them.
  3. Deposited some checks.
  4. Attempted to dig up a flower bed for the free daylilies I am picking up tomorrow on the way to dinner with Shannon. (I *heart* Craigslist.) Time will tell if I did an adequate job on the flower bed. The way today went, strongly suspect that it is not going to be good enough.
  5. Cleaned over racks.
  6. Washed the glass front door, and windows and sliding door in the great room. Will see how they look in daylight. Expect that I will have to redo them.

On the positive side, we are having gorgeous weather – low 70s and sunny. Of course, it will go back up to 80+ come the weekend. Good thing I have a ton of indoor projects to do!


7 thoughts on “An ineffectual day

  1. For the water, we have two meters, the one for the house which uses most of the water (99%) is the one we get billed for, because that water has to get treated, the second water meter, is for the outside hoses, and we should not get billed for that as I recall.


  2. I accomplished a few things, in spite of my sick day:

    1. When I was having a “good” moment, I ran to Toys R Us for diapers and to Pick and Save for sausages. Determined I definitely did not have the energy for Bellydancing last night.

    2. Finished reading my most recent library book.

    3. Printed invites to our annual BBQ


  3. My accomplishments for a very looong day:

    1. Woke up an hour before I needed to.

    2. Received and accepted a job offer.

    3. Was almost ready to go when ride to airport arrived (but forgot to turn off power bars).

    4. Sent farewell messages to most of the people I wanted to before phone ran out of money.

    5. Managed to convince Air China agent that she didn’t need to charge me for my luggage since I was indeed flying internationally that day.

    6. Didn’t have anything lost or broken between Dawukou and Madison.

    7. Most of the remaining sauce from dinner that the flight attendant dropped on me went on my windbreaker, so wiped off very well.

    8. Stayed awake for 2 1/2 movies (good thing I’ve seen Monsters, Inc. before!)

    9. Didn’t have to have my wolfberries inspected at customs.

    10. Went to bed at 8 pm and slept for almost 14 hours.


  4. Did you plant the day lillies yet? I’ve got some weed block you can put down before you plant those. Keeps the weeds down to a minimum.


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