Sucking like a Hoover

The adventures in housekeeping continue. Today, I

  1. Talked to my family on Skype. Sergey wanted to know when I was coming to pick him up. Told him, “August.” He is the only one who misses me.
  2. Cleaned the boys’ bedroom. Washed the windows; dusted the blinds, the fan, the shelves, and the dresser; cleaned up the more obvious dirt spots on the walls. Then I lugged the beds and chair out, and spent the next hour and a half trying to figure out how to use my borrowed (old) Hoover SteamVac. Part of it was my stupidity, part poor design of the vacuum and pathetic instructions (the stupid latches to keep the lower tank in place – what bastard thought of them, and what bastard illustrated the locking process, because those latches (a) were very difficult to attach, (b) refused to stay on, and (c) from the picture in the instructions, it is impossible to figure out how to actually lock them). Eventually, I did get to have a go at the carpet. Some areas got really wet, others didn’t (because apparently I ran out of washing solution but, contrary to what the instructions said, the vacuum cleaner did NOT automatically turned off). Overall, a really frustrating and time-wasting experience. So ix-nay on using the Hoover for carpet washing — my new plan is to rent a Rug Doctor or a steam vac once Karen comes to stay. I am going to need the moral support πŸ˜‰
  3. Washed the garbage bins which were soaking for the last couple days.
  4. Mowed the lawn.
  5. Unearthed access to the water meter in the basement in preparation for a visit from the Utilities Dept on Wednesday morning.
  6. Washed the screens from the windows in the great room. Yay for a tub with hand-held shower head, very handy for such purposes.
  7. Replaced the light bulb in the shower stall. This gets its own mention because it’s a pain in the butt to do.
  8. Went through 12 mo, 18 mo, 24 mo, and 2T clothes bins. Clothes with obvious stains earned themselves a trip to the washing machine for a day-long soaking.
  9. Washed, dried, and put away the load of 6-9 clothes.

And now I am going to sort through two bookcases of paperbacks (this falls under “fun things I like doing,” sad but true) and go to bed.


8 thoughts on “Sucking like a Hoover

  1. Hey at least I broke in the shower stall light, the first time I did it, the pull down cap was painted over.

    You forgot to mention #10: how many Health Rider reps you did. :-p

    Hope you have a good rest.



  2. Wow, you have been extremely productive! While I, on the other hand, instead of finishing the process of emptying our apartment, was bouncing around Shaanxi province in various modes of transportation. Most interesting was the trip back to the airport this morning. My friend put me on a bus in Yangling, talked to the bus people, and told me, “This bus doesn’t go to the airport, but if you pay them 6 extra kuai, it’ll be OK.” (OK? OK how?) Turned out I only had to pay 5 extra kuai to the bus people.
    We had turned down a road other than the one that said to the airport, and I was wondering if I should remind them I wanted to go there while the airport was still in sight across the fields, when one of the bus guys (there were two apparent bus employees in addition to the driver) beckoned me to the front. As the bus pulled to the side of the road and stopped, they pointed me toward a man on a motorcycle, and indicated that I should pay him 5 kuai also.
    So I took off on the back of aforementioned motorcycle through the rutted dirt roads of a construction zone (and spitting rain) and came into the airport from a back way. Then I ended up having to pay Motorcycle Guy 10 kuai, because the road had been so bad. And he didn’t have change for a 20 so started asking all the passersby until one did. Oh well, at least I made it to the airport in time for my flight.
    And at least I didn’t have to take a 12 1/2-hour bus ride across Xinjiang like Ben did, and will again when he returns this week (though I’m still intensely jealous that he got to go!)


  3. We could probably persuade my parents to let us borrow their wet/dry vac; I know how to use that one. Or at least I’ve used it in the past πŸ˜›


  4. We actually had a good day. Can’t say it was overly productive, but since we’re so busy in the mornings, it’s usually a miracle we do anything.

    1. Beth went to swimming

    2. Eric and Alex went to the farmer’s market where he bought honey, currants and raspberries. The currants and raspberries later turned into Red Pudding, courtesy of Eric.

    3. Alex went to tumbling class.

    4. Alex went to playgroup. Too bad he and I were the only two there. 😦 Wouldn’t have bothered if I’d know that since half the purpose of that is to play with other kids. At least he has a birthday party to attend today.

    4. Eric finally mailed paperwork regarding his mother to his brother.

    5. I found a swimsuit. Not exactly a stylish one, but it’s not f-ugly either.


  5. Bill, because of some pretty intense thunderstorms last night, I did not fall asleep until after 5:30 am. Hard to achieve peaceful slumber when you are worried that lightning is hitting something nearby πŸ˜‰ Sure glad I mowed the lawn yesterday!

    Karen, your airport adventure sounds exciting! Sorry you did not get to go to Xingjiang 😦 As far as the vacuum cleaner goes, I am seriously leaning towards a commercial model, since our carpets are really bad off.

    Shannon, grats on finding a swimsuit! Better something than nothing, right? Hope the birthday party goes well today!


  6. And now that I found out that Ben got to go on a two-day hike to the high grasslands of the Tian Mountains, I need a stronger word than jealous …


  7. Yeah, except he’s very conveniently not getting back until the day after I leave. And I think Dennis would notice if I tried booby-trapping his roommate’s room or something. Maybe I’ll just keep pestering him to show me his photos until he finally does…


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