I saved $90 today

That would be because the nice officer who pulled me over for speeding let me go with a written warning instead of a ticket. Mental note to self: in the future, avoid Main Street 🙂

Got a couple things accomplished today:

  1. Got a bunch of old newspapers from the library at work, to aid in window-washing this weekend.
  2. Paid a visit to two Half-Price Books stores (getting busted by police in between) and found three books I was looking for.
  3. Went on eBay and ordered an arm band ($2), case cover ($6), and screen protector ($1) for my iPod. Did not realize that the armband is going to be shipped from Hong Kong, so it will take a month or so to arrive. Oh well, lesson learned.
  4. Washed, dried, and put away the 0-3 and 3-6 clothes that were soaking all day. Some stains went away, most did not.
  5. Went through 6-9 clothes, and got another load soaking. I have LOTS of 6-9 clothes, for some reason.
  6. Took down hardcover books and put them back in order.
  7. Started a “going to try and re-read these and see if I still like them” pile of paperbacks.

Oh, and my attempt at soup turned out OK, albeit way too spicy. Will definitely have to eat it over bed of rice, as per suggestion in the recipe. Oh, and no idea how it could feed 6-8 people. My guess is it’s more like four servings. We shall see…


10 thoughts on “I saved $90 today

  1. The serving size on most recipes is off. Congrats on avoiding that ticket!

    I usually soak stains for at least a week, sometimes two. Most, but all of my stains come out that way.


  2. What I accomplished yesterday:

    1. Dried last night’s load of laundry and did another load.

    2. Stocked up on a few things at Target

    3. Took Alex swimming with Sarah, Resse, Dominick and Lia

    4. Got a mild sunburn during aforementioned swimming, which didn’t bother me last night but is hurting a little bit today.

    5. Bought birthday present for tomorrow’s birthday party.

    We spent 6 hours on the swimming and birthday party shopping, so even though I didn’t work yesterday, I didn’t get much done.


  3. Shannon, spending time with the kid(s) counts as accomplishing something 🙂 Glad to hear you had fun in the pool! As far as stains go, I have way too many clothes that I am trying to de-stain, but I will try soaking some of Sergey’s shirts in a little tub outside for a week…

    And Bill, yes, they did. Right as I crested the hill, and within sight of the Speed Limit – 30 sign.


  4. Depends on how you define “lucky”. I got a ticket, but he cut me a break and wrote if for 15 over instead of 17 over so that it takes me down a bracket. He also recommended that with my clean record, I go to court to fight it since they’d probably knock the fine and the # of points down. Still debating, but I am leaning towards fighting it.


  5. My vote is for trying to fight it, but I know that can get time consuming… Where were you speeding? 🙂

    My warning says “this would have been 3 demerit points,” but I don’t know how many total points we get…


  6. I hear you. No idea why the speed limit is so low there, it’s not like there is pedestrian traffic or bicyclists. I am always doing at least 15 over in that area, too.


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