One container, two container…

I did not fall asleep until 5 am last night, so needless to say the day did NOT get off to a good start. Still, some things did get done:

  1. Dropped off plastic bags at daycare, and had them pay our May bill with OldestOne’s advanced deposit money. I think there is enough there to cover the June bill, too. Yay for not having to part with $1,500 (between the two bills).
  2. Went to Menards and ordered ball tops for Dad’s staircase. They should be here mid-July.
  3. After work, went to Toys R Us and grabbed the last promotional plastic bin with “diapers + book + beach ball + coupons” of size 4 Pampers. Going to make the bin the upstairs toy container.
  4. Went to Wal-Mart and bought three bins for toy storage, plus some shelf liner for the upstairs bathroom.
  5. Filled garbage and recycling containers with soapy water. Will let them sit until Thursday or Friday night, hopefully all the dirt will soak off.
  6. Filled out customer satisfaction surveys for Wal-Mart and Toys R Us. Those things take a long time!
  7. Did two loads of kids laundry.
  8. Vacuumed upstairs and downstairs.

One thought on “One container, two container…

  1. Well, here’s what I accomplished yesterday:

    1. Took the kids to the park for a play-date

    2. Got everything assembled for today’s slow-cooker meal.

    3. Read some more of my book.

    It was a slow night. 🙂


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