Busy Day

Now that Bill and the kids are safely in Russia, I am trying to get things done. I slept most of the day Saturday, but was productive on Sunday. Here’s what got done over the weekend:

  1. Organized the linen closet/medicine cabinet (Saturday night). Now have a giant bag of expired meds. Will have to stop at Walgreens and ask if they would dispose of them properly for me.
  2. Went for a run on Sunday morning. Realized I am so out of shape they need a new shape to describe me.
  3. Took down Christmas lights (and there was much rejoicing among the neighbors). In my defense, I was keeping them up because birds made nests there.
  4. Cleaned the gutters, including a particularly disgusting one on the side of the house.
  5. Mowed the lawn.
  6. Vacuumed and cleaned cars’ interiors.
  7. Swept the garage floor.
  8. Washed the cars.
  9. Did three loads of laundry and put the clean stuff away.
  10. Cleaned the kitchen counters and tables.
  11. Got the dishwasher going.

And now it is almost midnight, so off to bed I go!


6 thoughts on “Busy Day

  1. Wow, you did get a lot done. Might explain why I had absolutely no desire to do anything yesterday. You had all of my motivation and energy. Very proud of you for going for a run!

    Here’s my list of things I didn’t do (that I should have):

    1. Laundry. So sick of doing laundry every single week that I decided to take a week off, since it was Beth’s week and she’s got enough clothes to last another week. This morning I realized that Alex has 3 pair of underwear to last until Sunday. Oops.

    2. Dishes. Usually try to keep up on the weekends since I know that weekdays start to pile up. Got a head-start on the “pile” last night.

    3. Making lunches for this week. Usually this translates into no lunches all week causing me to oh-so-not stick to my diet. And If I’m going to lose 10 more pounds in 4 weeks, I really need to stick to it! With no Zumba today, this is not good.

    4. Buy a new shade for the hall window. It’s literally falling apart while hanging there, simply if someone breathes on it!

    5. Re-hang Alex’s clothes rod. His clothes are currently in Jenna’s room, which is not convenient. The tension rod won’t stay up due to the paint on the ends, so I need to nail boards in place to hold it instead.

    At least I did accomplish something: Finished reading the two books I was in the middle of. And I did make dinner instead of getting take-out.


  2. Buddy up!

    I should probably mention that I had shin-splints from that hour-long walk on Thu night. Thought I was in better shape, but obviously that’s not a motion I’m used to!


  3. Glad you’re back!

    I’ve been spending my last several days packing and cleaning and clearing 8 years worth of stuff out of this apartment and saying goodbye to friends and baking cookies to use up the butter and the peanut butter and hoping it doesn’t get up to 35 C again today and writing notes to friends I won’t see again and doing laundry. And did I mention packing?


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