Grace in Small Things – 1xx/365

  1. Started Xavier’s speech evaluation process – it should happen sometime within the next month and a half
  2. Nice lunch with Shannon (even if we ate more pizza than is good for us ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. Making some progress on my many and varied conflicting priority projects at work
  4. Bill had a very positive job interview, even though it is not likely to result in a job
  5. Beautiful warm weather, and a walk at night while the kids all fell asleep in the strollers.

4 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 1xx/365

  1. 1. Being able to stay up sorta late last night because we weren’t on a schedule this morning and I can take a nap today if I feel like it.

    2. Peace and quiet

    3. Fun at the park with both kids (and a few friends and their kids)

    4. Managed to bike to the park and back, dragging both kids.

    5. Finally transferred “Step Away the Inches” to my laptop, thus enabling me to watch it at work one of these days.


  2. 1. Gorgeous blue sky and white clouds.

    2. Spectacular view of the mountains from school.

    3. Taxi driver only charged us 10 to take us home, unlike the one on Monday who wanted to charge us 15.

    4. Figured out how to type Greek and Hebrew on my computer, though Hebrew is weird because a) it’s backwards, b) the letters don’t correspond at all to comparable English letters (who had the brilliant idea of making aleph be s? and sin/shin be a???), and c) if it’s possible to do the vowels, I have no clue how. But hey, it’s progress!

    5. Ben offered to put the Chinese into my study on angels, because he can just copy and paste from a program he has, whereas I would have to painstakingly type it in, thus increasing the risk for error.


  3. Shannon, glad you are getting some peace and quiet!

    Karen, I thought Hebrew didn’t have vowels (or is it just ancient Hebrew)? If you want, I can ask my Jewish sister-in-law what she uses to type in Hebrew…


  4. Hebrew originally had no vowels, but somewhere a thousand or so years ago, Jewish scholars decided they needed some and added all these fun little dots and markings under, over and next to the consonants. Which is why I don’t know how to type them. (Remind me sometime to tell you Ben’s memory device to tell if a shwa is vocal or silent ๐Ÿ™‚


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