Grace in Small Things – 1xx/365

  1. Laundry is done and put away.
  2. Friends who helped us take apart an old swing set and move it to our house. Now we just need to put it back together (cue ominous music).
  3. MiL took D&S to see “Green Eggs and Ham,” and much fun was had by all.
  4. Two loads of dishes done, everything is put away, and kitchen floor is washed (house was REALLY trashed).
  5. Downstairs bathroom is clean.
  6. Bonus: I actually did the T-tapp “Step Away the Inches” workout tonight

3 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 1xx/365

  1. 1. Having a day off with not much planned, so I can just do whatever strikes my fancy. (Somehow those days are more productive than planned days….)

    2. I can see out my bedroom windows again! (Except for a band in the middle where I couldn’t reach; oh, the joys of bars on the outside.)

    3. Honey Pomelo Pretz.

    4. Things dry quickly in this climate, so I should be able to re-duct tape the washing machine hose soon.

    5. I finally got out my warm-weather clothes.


  2. Go Olya! I still haven’t even watched the stupid DVD.

    (Probably will not catch up completely, but will try later this week. Not today though)


  3. 1. Laundry is done an almost all put away (more than usual anyway)

    2. Really nice bike ride with Eric and the kids yesterday

    3. Got a few things done this weekend

    4. Eric is finally done putting poly-urethane on the shelves!

    5. Eric is finally done putting ploy-urethane on the shelves! (I’m really happy about his one, it deserves to be said twice. Our neighbor started building the bookshelves in late October and installed the frames in January. I can finally load the rest of my books!)


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