Grace in Small Things – 1xx/365 & 1xx/365 (04/28 & 04/29)


  1. … is getting really good at figuring things out in video games
  2. … have been having only “green” days at school for weeks
  3. … said “I like you, Mommy” the other day
  4. … comes up and asks if he can snuggle and cuddle
  5. … can be trusted to play outside with no supervision
  6. … is getting better at expressing what he thinks, feels, and needs
  7. … likes reading books and magazines
  8. … does not lose his temper with little brothers as often as they deserve it
  9. … has beautiful eyelashes and nice thick hair (why yes, I am jealous)
  10. … dresses himself (sometimes even in clothes that match 🙂

4 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 1xx/365 & 1xx/365 (04/28 & 04/29)

  1. Maybe he should move to China, where matching clothes is not a concern. Here, for example, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear red shoes with just about anything. Even a banana-yellow dress and black tights. We’ve come to the conclusion that the ideal is as many different colors as possible in one outfit.


  2. He should feel right at home 🙂 And I have a pair of red shoes from my aunt, and I have NO idea what to wear them with. China, here we come!


  3. 1. Internet access, because it means I’m not cut off from:

    2. Family

    3. Friends in other parts of the world

    4. Reference material in English

    5. News in English that’s less than a week old and through media other than the official state press (though that can be interesting in other ways …)

    6. Job searching from halfway around the world (although Milwaukee Jobs site is blocked, for whatever reason)

    7. Extensive multilingual dictionaries

    8. Movies in English (of admittedly dubious provenance and audiovisual quality, considering the site that they’re on)

    9. Wikipedia, which is no longer blocked as it was for several years

    10. And I can do all of this from the comfort of my room, thanks to Dennis & Ben’s wireless!


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