Grace in Small Things – 1xx/365 & 1xx/365 (04/26 & 04/27)


  1. … is a smart little guy
  2. … talks really well
  3. … likes to play with little Xavier
  4. … is very affectionate
  5. … always asks for hugs and kisses at night and when people leave
  6. … asks Damien to play with him
  7. … can count to 100 and more (with some help)
  8. … wants to open all the presents I get in FarmVille
  9. … likes picking out earrings for me to wear
  10. … figured out what talking on the phone is all about

3 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 1xx/365 & 1xx/365 (04/26 & 04/27)

  1. 1. The supermarket has peanut butter Oreos again.

    2. The supermarket wasn’t outrageously crowded, even though I went on Sunday.

    3. My favorite gummy candies were on sale.

    4. The new Bugle-shaped snacks I brought home to try turned out to be pretty good (Lynn likes them better than real Bugles).

    5. The dried sweet-potato strips a friend sent me are also pretty good.

    6. Lynn made lemon bread.

    7. Ben’s bringing us more cheese from Beijing.

    8. Different flavored Mentos in different countries. (Why doesn’t the US get Berry Blast or Fuji Apple?)

    9. Instant milk tea.

    10. Mongolia Amorous Feelings (which I don’t care to eat very often, as it’s the sickly sweet Mongolian version of cheese, but I get a chuckle out of the name.)


  2. Love the cheese name! Wonder if it makes Mongolians amorous, or puts you in a mood for a Mongol 😛

    Sergey just wants to talk with whoever is on the phone. Bill’s master plan is to sic Sergey on telemarketers *evil grin*


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