Grace in Small Things – 1xx/365 & 1xx/365 (04/24 & 04/25)


  1. … is starting to babble more
  2. … loves stuffed animals
  3. … can communicate really well with a few well chosen shrieks
  4. … signs “more” when he wants more
  5. … loves his Papa
  6. … is really good at climbing things
  7. … likes the swing
  8. … always wants to play with (or tackle) his brothers
  9. … does cute things for Grandma and Grandpa when we talk on Skype
  10. … has the sweetest smile

4 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 1xx/365 & 1xx/365 (04/24 & 04/25)

  1. Wouldn’t he get the stares! He’d be the only child not bundled up so he can hardly waddle with only (supposedly) private parts exposed to the elements.


  2. 1. Now that the weather has warmed up, the classrooms are actually comfortable.

    2. The windows in our office haven’t fallen in yet, though they continue to creak ominously.

    3. I had most of the 58 required pieces of homework on my desk by the end of the day (when only 8 had been ready for me to collect in class).

    4. Occasionally there’s a bus returning from school in the middle of the day.

    5. Slightly more frequently, one of the school drivers will offer us a ride home.

    6. I haven’t had to eat in the cafeteria for over a month.

    7. The couches in our office are a good place to nap.

    8. I’ve taught from this book before, so lesson planning is pretty easy.

    9. Some of the students are really nice.

    10. We have today off!


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