Grace in Small Things – 130/365 & 131/365 (04/09 & 04/10)

I come slinking back… Let’s see if anybody notices 🙂

FarmVille edition

  1. Potatoes Mastery
  2. Completed Nursery Barn
  3. 1/3 of the way to Botanical Garden
  4. New crops to master (not that I am done with the old ones, but it’s nice to know stuff is being added)
  5. Fuel now available for coins!
  6. Adoptable Llamas
  7. Dogs (even though both of mine tried running away from neglect)
  8. Pretty hanging flower decorations
  9. Tons of mystery boxes and a few mystery eggs for Sergey to open when he gets in the mood
  10. Looks like I will be done with limited edition tomatillo mastery WAY before the timer runs out (on May 5th)

3 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 130/365 & 131/365 (04/09 & 04/10)

  1. Apartment edition:

    1. Toilet has not overflowed once amid all its other problems.

    2. We now have consensus among three different toilet repair people that something is seriously wrong with our toilet.

    3. The bathtub drain is still holding together most of the time; we just have to nudge it back in line with chopsticks every so often.

    4. We can still see out the windows facing the park; for some reason they didn’t get as muddy-rain covered as the windows on the other side.

    5. Even though the weather has turned hot, the apartment is still cool.

    6. My closet doors stay on their tracks most of the time (unlike one of Lynn’s, which came off completely several months ago, and I haven’t gotten around to wrestling it back on).

    7. Our upstairs neighbor is very quiet.

    8. We have good neighbors, for the most part.

    9. Now that the weather is warmer, laundry on the sunporch dries in an hour or two.

    10. Duct tape is a wonderful thing.


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