Grace in Small Things – 128/365

  1. Falling asleep early (reason for this post being back-dated)
  2. Seven plastic bags and lots of tape later, the wind no longer blows right through the air conditioner in my office (incidentally, it snowed during the night. I knew that would happen the moment maintenance workers carried that air conditioner in).
  3. Talking on the phone with Sergey, complete with “Mommy, are you there?” for refrain.
  4. Yellow melon mastery.
  5. Good coffee at an open house at work.

3 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 128/365

  1. 1. Returned my current library book only 2 days late, so managed to avoid late fees

    2. Alex “helping” me make beds last night by crawling on the ad bouncing (Not actually helpful, but sure was cute he was trying)

    3. Cotton mastery

    4. Finally was able to join Lara’s co-op

    5. Got all my pictures and movies archived onto CDs yesterday


  2. 1. My amateur fix on the bathtub drain seems to be holding.

    2. The toilet is still flushing.

    3. A student we’ve been really worried about came over yesterday, and we had a good talk.

    4. Jon is visiting from Beijing.

    5. He brought us cheese!


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