Grace in Small Things – 125/365

  1. Easter.
  2. Great time at Aunt Peggy’s Easter get-together.
  3. Qdoba’s Kids Eat Free weekend.
  4. Unexpected beautiful weather.
  5. Going to bed early.

4 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 125/365

  1. 1. A day off for Tomb-Sweeping Day.

    2. Thanks to Youku, I could sit in bed and watch a movie this morning.

    3. We found another shop in the neighborhood that still has vinegar.

    4. I think we finally managed to make the guys understand how seriously fed up we are with this whole toilet situation. (We told them from now on, we consider theirs to be a public restroom whenever we have company.)

    5. Delivering Easter treat bags to our favorite neighborhood shop owners.


  2. Well, going to bed early was a total disaster. I was in bed by 10:15, still awake (because of my cold) at 11:15, which is when Sergey and Xavier started crying. By 1:15 I moved to the guest bedroom with Xavier (since he would sleep for 15 mins, cry, kick us, cry some more, sleep, rinse, repeat), and my alarm went off at 5:30. Somebody please kill me now.


  3. 1. The little kids had a great time looking for their Easter Eggs

    2. Good Easter dinner

    3. Alex actually sat at the table and behaved during Easter dinner. He didn’t eat as much as I’d like, but he did eat

    4. Beth didn’t make too much of a mess during Easter dinner.

    5. The kitchen was clean right after dinner was over.


  4. Sorry to hear about your rough night, Olya! If it’s any comfort to you, I have terminal insomnia again (which sounds like I’m going to die from it, but actually just means I wake up way too early for no reason whatsoever.)


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