Grace in Small Things – 124/365

  1. Boys had a good time in gymnastics. Damien is moving up a level (an hour long class instead of 45 mins) for the next session.
  2. Mel came over to play with the kids.
  3. Laundry is done.
  4. Easter clings are up, Christmas cards are down.
  5. I cut the boys’ hair for the second time. Little guys were excited, big guy hid his dread very well.

4 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 124/365

  1. 1. It’s Easter! He is risen!

    2. We were mostly ready by the time people came.

    3. A few friends were able to join us for the celebration.

    4. Lynn made blueberry pecan french toast.

    5. Making origami lilies.


  2. 1. First week back at work went really well.
    2. Nova now takes a bottle at daycare.
    3. Rowan’s birthday party yesterday went really well, everyone seemed to have fun and we survived! (It was an at-home affair)
    4. The house is in pretty good shape now, as we cleaned for company.
    5. Toys R Us had a good deal on diapers and I had a coupon for Nova’s special bottles.

    PS., Karen I don’t mind reading about your toilet troubles. I was going to add that if vinegar works well, maybe try boiling vinegar. It’s stinky but good at cleaning away lime deposits (it’s how I clean my coffeemaker too). Cheers!


  3. 1. Got the bird poop cleaned off the attic windows

    2. Got the dead flies cleaned out of the attic

    3. Found a size 2T pair of PJs for Beth. They are a little too big, but her other ones are a little too small.

    4. Found that I have enough clothes for Beth for the summer, provided she doesn’t grow out of 24 months too quickly

    5. Managed to clean the house in time for Easter company


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