Grace in Small Things – 122/365

  1. Nice lunch with a friend from college
  2. Beautiful weather – the temp was in the 80s today!
  3. Damien’s new passport arrived, much earlier than expected
  4. Good time at Shannon’s house with the kids. Everybody behaved!
  5. Damien figured out how to swing on his own.

2 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 122/365

  1. 1. First week of Easter lessons went fairly well.

    2. Of the 20 lbs of eggs Lynn brought home today, only two eggs broke. (In case you’re interested, 20 lbs is about 160 eggs.)

    3. The sun is shining and there’s not much wind.

    4. With the aid of vinegar, the toilet is still going down. (I’m sure you love getting toilet updates every day, but its status features largely in our lives right now 😛

    5. Lynn’s student is here coloring our 20 lbs of eggs, so we don’t have to do them all ourselves.


  2. 1. Great walk with Olya last night – the kids really were good

    2. Both kids slept through the night and didn’t wake me up at all for the first time in months

    3. Free cappuccino today

    4. Another nice day on tap today

    5. Traffic was light because of Good Friday


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