Grace in Small Things – 114/365

  1. Applied to get Damien’s passport renewed. Hopefully will have it in three weeks.
  2. Lasagna.
  3. Kids wanting to snuggle.
  4. Bill went out to spend time with his friends tonight.
  5. Ability to back-date posts.

4 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 114/365

  1. Wow, does Damien need a new passport already? Time flies!

    I miss lasagna. Ben made it once last term, but that was a long time ago.


  2. 1. After the wind died down, it turned out to be a nice day.

    2. The couches in our office are great for napping on.

    3. So far, we haven’t had to call anyone about our toilet yet today.

    4. Tomorrow’s Friday, and next week I get to start teaching Easter.

    5. Online Chinese-English dictionary.


  3. In the Learning Every Day department, I found out today that the Chinese for Uncle Sam is Shanmu Dashu. Won’t that come in handy?


  4. 1. Fun board games (and time to play them)

    2. Sleep

    3. My custom orthotics are in, I have an appt to pick them up Tuesday. Hopefully this will help not only with my heel problems, but with my knee issues as well.

    4. Mom can finally print from her new computer.

    5. Eric being agreeable to leaving our game on the table last night at 10:20 and not trying to finish it.


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