Grace in Small Things – 108/365

  1. Another lovely spring day
  2. Nice walk with Shannon tonight
  3. Funny things Sergey says
  4. Actually finishing a project at work
  5. Unemployment benefits extensions

3 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 108/365

  1. 1. Got home before the wind got really bad.

    2. Ginger tea for a scratchy throat.

    3. Our toilet is working again, after going on strike yesterday.

    4. I wore my spring jacket today, and was quite comfortable.

    5. I only have two classes on Fridays.


  2. 1. Nice walk with Olya – Thanks it was worth 3 points (so I can eat another 150 calories this week!)

    2. Half-Day at work today

    3. Jeans Fridays

    4. Online coupons

    5. Cheesecake (yup, worth all 9 points)


  3. Olya, privet!
    I had sent you message by e-mail but not sure you could read it. I have very pleasant news – on 14 February (00:25) our child a girl Aleksandra was born! Now she is 4400g and 55cm!
    Karina (St-Petersburg, Russia)


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