Grace in Small Things – 105/365

  1. It’s positively spring-like outside (or so I hear 🙂
  2. Clients like some of the work I did on the portal
  3. Xavier and Sergey let me clean up while Bill and Damien were swimming
  4. Free cookies at work (yay for people who bring treats on their birthdays)
  5. Damien got a “mystery box” from school, with a letter M inside. The instructions said that he is supposed to find an item that starts with that letter and fits in the box, and come up with three clues as to what it is, so that his classmates would try and guess. Bill was going to look for M things, but I suggested we ask Damien first. We were both anticipating a long and torturous process, but Damien right away said “MONKEY,” told us where it was (in the pumpkin in the minivan), and came up with three clues (“it swings from trees, it has a tail, it eats bananas”). He was done in less than a minute! We were very proud of him.

2 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 105/365

  1. Go Damien!

    1. Spring it on it’s way

    2. Finally deposited the kids Xmas/Birthday money into their accounts and opened an account for Beth.

    3. Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Bliss Bars

    4. Playlands at McDonald’s

    5. The library


  2. Way to go, Damien!

    1. Olya’s blog is not considering me spam anymore (or so I hope 🙂

    2. Lynn made stir-fry and couscous for supper.

    3. We didn’t have Hebrew today, so I was able to finish my newsletter. (One more to go, and I’ll be all caught up!)

    4. There was a bus leaving from school at lunchtime, so I didn’t have to walk out to the road and wait for some other form of transportation to pick me up.

    5. Strawberry Twizzlers (Lynn brought me some when she came back.)


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