Grace in Small Things – 97/365

  1. Good talk with my parents
  2. Kids having a good time with their grandma D.
  3. “Kitty and the Midnight Hour” by Carrie Vaughn – will definitely order more of her books through the interlibrary loan program
  4. Tomorrow is a new day
  5. Sergey asking me to sing Russian songs to them at bedtime. Of course, he later spoiled it by saying he only asked me because I was upstairs, and thus available. Well, that should show me my place!

One thought on “Grace in Small Things – 97/365

  1. 1. Beth took her first two unassisted steps!

    2. Alex went poopy in the potty-chair (and not his underwear) both Sat and Sun.

    3. Beth was a happy girl all day (unlike Sat when she was not-so-happy and very whiny all day.)

    4. Got a little more cleaning of the desk done. Threw out some papers that had been collecting since Christmas.

    5. Finally packed up Carol’s clothing to send to her in FL.


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