Grace in Small Things – 57/365 & 58/365

  1. As soon as the kids go down, Bill and I will watch the new episodes of “Chuck,” “Castle,” and “White Collar” that are waiting for us on Did I mention I love Hulu?
  2. Bill gave the kids a bath and is now putting them to bed. I am so spoiled.
  3. Won a bid on “Absolute Sandman” volumes 1-3 on Ebay. Of course, now have an extra volume 3. Thinking of holding on to it until it goes out of print (like vol. 2 did, which prompted the foray into eBay), and then selling it. Or offering it to friends for $50.
  4. Our laundry is done, and so are the towels. Yay for clean clothes and clean linens.
  5. Last night, I did the bills. Still have a huge diaper box of paperwork to file, but that’s out of sight and out of mind šŸ™‚
  6. The amazing ability of two children to sleep through blood-curdling shrieks of the third child (doesn’t matter which one is screaming, 99% of the time the other two don’t even stir).
  7. Downstairs is staying clean!
  8. Nice warm hat on a bitterly cold morning.
  9. Beef chili.
  10. Kids sleeping in their own beds, instead of kicking us out of ours šŸ™‚

One thought on “Grace in Small Things – 57/365 & 58/365

  1. Kids in their own beds is definitely a good thing!

    Bill being paid is more important the filing. Especially when you can just stash the box. That’s considered filing, isn’t it?


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