Grace in Small Things -31/365

  1. Day four. No ciggies. Thank god it’s going to be cold outside for the next couple of days, that always helps. Winter is a good time to quit activities that require you to be outside to perform them 😛
  2. Nice New Year’s party at Eric and Shannon’s. Alex has impressive staying (up) power 🙂
  3. Bill took the kids sledding and visiting his mom, so I could have my nervous breakdown in solitude.
  4. Ability to post-date blog posts, since I often post before I go to bed (so my day is not yet over), but 99% of the time I go to bed after midnight.
  5. 2009 is over. It sucked. More on that tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things -31/365

  1. 1. The Weasel survived 2009.

    2. Hot chocolate.

    3. Hot chocolate with peppermint.

    4. The presents I ordered for various family members arrived before I was supposed to give them out.

    5. Being awake enough for midnight on New Year’s Eve.


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