Grace in Small Things – 30/365

  1. Day three of not smoking. *sigh*
  2. I made it through a month of more-or-less daily GiST posts! Go me.
  3. My husband. My kids are so lucky to have him as a parent. I am pretty useless these days.
  4. Beating Shannon at Scrabble (pathetic, I know. It’s my consolation prize for losing to Eric by over 100 points.)
  5. Next week, I am going back to work.

5 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 30/365

  1. Go Olya! I will be quitting in a couple days. (Haven’t quite built up the will power yet, but having my S.O. quit with me is going to help.)


  2. We’re glad to hear that you have quit smoking. The third day is the worst. That’s the day that all the nicotine drains out of your system. That was our worst day, too. Drink a lot of water and chew sugar free gum, don’t eat. It gets easier. Start thinking of yourself as a non- smoker. Using ex-smoker just puts emphasis on what you used to do. Good luck from both of us. We have 43 years combined of non- smoking, and we don’t miss it.


  3. Good luck, Leigh! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. And congrats to your mom and dad for quitting and staying smoke-free! You guys are an inspiration.


  4. 1. Youngest niece is sitting up!!!

    2. A good night’s sleep.

    3. Turkey and stuffing.

    4. Cranberry sauce.

    5. Playing games with my goofy family.


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