Grace in Small Things – 29/365

  1. Day 2 of not smoking (I promise to shut up about this after a week. Assuming I don’t pick up a pack before that 🙂
  2. Kids behaved for me while Bill was gone at the unemployment office.
  3. Watching “Firefly” again. Why do great shows get canceled?
  4. Reading library books.
  5. Letting the kitchen “be” for tonight – just don’t feel like messing around with the dishes…

5 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 29/365

  1. 1. Getting to see the whole family.

    2. 5-month-old niece finally deciding it was OK to smile at me.

    3. My mom’s sweet-and-sour meatballs.

    4. 3-year-old niece remembering me.

    5. None of the dishes I brought back got broken in transit.


  2. By the way, is it OK if I visit you next weekend? Possibly Thurs-Sat? I would visit other friends too in there, but would like to stay with you, if that’s OK. I’ll try calling sometime in the next few days.


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