Grace in Small Things – 24/365

  1. Our traditional Christmas Eve chili lunch at Mel’s
  2. Little kids basketball hoop the boys got from Uncle Mel – hopefully that will let them work off some energy when they are stuck inside!
  3. My headache went away after a long nap (unfortunately, nap = totally screwed up sleep schedule, but that’s for a difference list… “Annoyance in All Things, Big and Small” – unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever have trouble coming up with things for that list 🙂
  4. Christmas tree is decorated (as of 7 am Christmas day, but still…)
  5. It stayed above freezing tonight, so all the rain we’ve been getting had NOT turned into ice.

One thought on “Grace in Small Things – 24/365

  1. 1. It usually doesn’t take half an hour to get a taxi.

    2. My flight back to Yinchuan in Jan is booked and paid for.

    3. And if it’s on time, I’ll get home before midnight!

    4. Christmas Eve

    5. The Gift that started it all.


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