Grace in Small Things – 20/365

  1. Bathrooms are scrubbed!
  2. Carpets are vacuumed!
  3. Kitchen floor is washed!
  4. Laundry is done!
  5. House is cleaner than it has been in months 🙂

9 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 20/365

  1. I sense a theme in today’s post!

    I actually put away all the laundry for the first time since Beth was born! Usually Eric’s is still sitting in baskets because he doesn’t put it away. I asked him to actually put his laundry in the hamper for a week so I can enjoy our clean bedroom for a change. We’ll see if it happens. 🙂


  2. 1. We mostly know what we’re doing for our Christmas parties.

    2. The world is still white.

    3. I don’t have to go to school tomorrow.


    5. Cars (the movie)


  3. 1. Beth’s Stocking is finished.
    2. Aunt Carol’s Towels are finished.
    3. The tree is up and decorated
    4. The house is a disaster.
    5. Dave’s house isn’t finished.
    I think we lost the concept of grace in small things, but we are really enjoying the pictures of Russia. It is such a beautiful country!


  4. I’ll try to post some more pics soon-ish ;-)! I saw a picture of the stocking on Shannon’s blog – it looks very nice!

    It’s sad that on most days it is incredibly hard for me to come up with five good things that happened 😦 Somehow, I don’t think “I did not kill anybody today, at work or at home” is the kind of sentiment they are looking for 🙂


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