Grace in Small Things – 19/365

  1. I have not ran away from home. Today was very tempting.
  2. Mel came over to play with the little pests, and they behaved for him.
  3. Pizza Hut pizza.
  4. Tylenol.
  5. My husband, who for some reason hasn’t divorced me yet.

5 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 19/365

  1. 1. A properly-flushing toilet is a wonderful thing!

    2. And it’s even better when the people who show up to fix aforementioned malfunctioning apparatus bring appropriate tools, not just a plunger. (I may look like a clueless foreign woman, but I do know how to use a plunger!)

    3. Neighbors who take good care of us.

    4. I was able to mail a package with a minimum of hassle (as in, rather than inspecting everything in the box, the guy just glanced in and asked, “Is that chocolate?” then started sealing it up.)

    5. Advent devotions


  2. I remember the last time I ran away from home. I got as far as the corner, but I wasn’t allowed to cross the street alone, so I couldn’t go any farther 😦


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